Building bridges, sharing loads

I have received many warm and heartfelt emails, messages and cards over the past week, and I feel extremely grateful for each and every one. As I expressed in one of my replies recently, there is a strange way in which each one seems to lighten the weight of my mother’s death just a fraction. Nothing can change how much I miss her, and will always miss her. Nothing can replace her, and I would never want or seek to. Somehow though, as I feel more connected to other people, it seems as though the load is easier to bear if we lift it together. Our own unique sorrow, when pooled, adds up to less than the sum of its parts, yet this not seem to detract from the importance of our particular experiences either.

Reach –
Across the distance,
Across our differences,
Across uncertainty.

Share –
A broken heart,
A treasured space,
A gentle smile.

Touch –
With words,
With gestures,
With tears.

Create –
New bridges,
New perspectives,
New connections

Sunflowers from my friend Helena

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