Charcoal Therapy


6 thoughts on “Charcoal Therapy

  1. I like the movement in this drawing and its energy Laurel. Last night in my tai chi class the teacher talked as usual about light and dark, heaviness and lightness, full and empty and the way one movement leads and flows into the next. Your spiralling figure embodies many of these qualities for me, though the central darkness is very dominant and the words suggest something else. Sending internet love Joanna

    1. Thank you Joanna. You have reminded me that my Chiropractor suggested I start Tai Chi to get the energy flowing in my body again, a suggestion I found delightful as my mother often said I would love Tai Chi. I emailed a few places two months ago and never heard back, but I will put renewed energy into the search! I certainly felt a smooth and positive energy flow whilst drawing this – from the darkness towards the light, I suppose…

  2. Hi, Laurel

    I read Joanna’s comments with interest. The spiral is an ancient symbol, of course (perhaps of evolution and rebirth, in some instances), used even before the written word; your drawing is very evocative of some of that ancient symbolism. And the spiral is also all around us in nature – not least, the Milky Way. I think we can somehow tap into both nature and the experiences of our ancient ancestors; it can be a poweful and cathartic thing to do.

  3. Laurel

    A strong picture. But the words and image seem to be at odds with each other – intense, smudged, and opening spirals – not a lot of confusion. As the other responses say, a spiral is a deep order. As a bonus, if you turn it upside down, there is rather a graceful bird on roller-skates.

    With best wishes, Martin

    1. I now see it upside down every time I look at it, and smile! I suppose I have been putting my unanswerable questions and uncertainties into spiral images in my head – either to externalise them, or to turn them into something more concrete.

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