8 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Loving your art and your poetic being.

    Rick wrote of Autumn storms on Knoydart, and of how he and Hillary are establishing a wildflower meadow for Tessa, where we were clearing bummocks (clumps of Molinia, I gather these were).

  2. I like this very much, Laurel; especially the colouring – the green merging into the red. It looks so vibrant, too. Autumnal-looking, but not in a predictable way. The red tree seems to be moving: almost like a person waving their arms elegantly about – and also reaching out. And the spirals are still there!

    1. I’m glad you like it, though the colouring in the painting is somewhat different to the photograph, which I was too exhausted to get quite right last night. I somehow quite like their difference though – it is almost like they are two distinct works. Yes, the spirals are infiltrating everything 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Laurel. I would love to have this on a wall, for everything about it–the colors, the design, the words. Truly the tree of life (as becomingherself noted–so much movement, maybe the dance of life…), for in loss there is hope. Wonderful work.

    1. Thank you! I have it on my bedroom wall, and it is making me smile to see it.

      I painted it in something of a rush – the tree whilst my toddler was pulling on my arms and earrings, and then the background later as I hadn’t planned it so it took far, far longer that it would have if I had painted the tree on top of the background instead of having the paint the sky around the tree… with my four-year-old’s cheap, minute pots of primary-coloured paint that dries almost before I get it onto the paper, on thin paper that crinkles and curls as soon as it gets more than a thin layer of paint on it. Yet it was so much fun, so satisfying, such uncomplicated pleasure! Part of me thinks I may paint it again some day, on thicker paper, with better paint, more time, and better planning, but the rest of me thinks that it was the process that was really what mattered, and thus, despite all, it was perfect in its moment of creation.

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