Five Months

Yet another milestone today, on Halloween when the kids are excited about pumpkins and trick-or-treating, and my reflections on death are far more mournful. Five months, and a whole summer has passed since my mother’s death. Five months that seem the blink of an eye, time still frozen, yet containing enough sorrow and loss for … More Five Months

Blueberry Pancakes

A few weeks ago I promised a friend that I would write up a recipe for blueberry pancakes, which I adapted from a thoroughly indulgent recipe in a wonderful book called Dishy Desserts, given to me by my sister Tabitha many years ago. The original recipe included cream, which while delicious was just too rich … More Blueberry Pancakes

More loss

One of my husband’s uncles died today. It still feels unreal, a world away, so completely unexpected. This year, so full of death and tragedy, has taught me many lessons, and I am sure the learning is far from over. One of the things I can be grateful for is increased empathy for those who … More More loss

Amsterdam Impressions

Written on Saturday 15th October 2011: When I was last on an aeroplane, watching England recede into abstract swirls of greenery, I was clutching my mother’s ashes tightly, on my way to Cape Town for her memorials. This morning, as Amsterdam grew into sparkling reality below me, with the early morning sun glistening off seemingly … More Amsterdam Impressions

Blueberry Comfort

A year ago, I was regularly emailing recipes and photographs of new dishes tried or created to interested family and friends. It was a creative and fun exercise, which interlinked with a recipe book I was putting together, mostly for my own use. The person who most regularly responded, either to say she had made … More Blueberry Comfort