Elements of Tessa

More cupcake art… a celebration of my beloved and much-missed mother



15 thoughts on “Elements of Tessa

  1. ‘Drinker of wild air’ sounds like a line from a powerful poem. I can see all the love (and your own passion) that went into creating these. They really are beautiful; the photos as a montage could be a fantastic poster. I too love the ‘burning with passion’ one, but also, in contrast, the simplicity of the ‘air’ one.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the symbolism of ingesting the creative process, as well as aspects of my mother… a powerful combination. I also felt the importance of being able to let them be temporary creations (though the photographs, of course, remain) – turned into memories, and a part of myself, for a while at least…

  2. That you have taken such pains to create these edible (and temporary) masterpieces, sends out a poignant prayer that I can hear…

    The cupcakes and how you’ve presented them in the photograph are stunning and strong, such a unique and special way to remember your mother, especially as you have—I think, not by accident—represented the elements of fire and air “taking up more space” than earth and water.

    Thank you for letting someone who didn’t actually know Tessa feel her energy and effect, and understand what is gone but not lost for you.

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