Late Summer Pleasures

I have finally been looking through the photographs I have taken over the past four months, and I thought I would share some I took at the Mudchute City Farm at the end of August. I love the way one can find pleasure in nature, even in the midst of a city as large, built-up and populous as London. We can always find beauty if we look for it…

The City Farm in August

5 thoughts on “Late Summer Pleasures

  1. Laurel, isn’t it fascinating that in the depths of loss, sadness and grief one can find joy and beauty, and real reason for living.

      1. Yes, there is something intrinsically healing and renewing in nature…it has its own cycles of growth and change and even loss, sometimes seeming so destructive and yet always with life and beauty and creativity germinating to eventually emerge again.

        The photographs and your thoughts are lovely, thanks for sharing.

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