Better days follow seemingly impossible ones, and with the perspective of the passing of a little time I can identify two main benefits arising from writing and sharing my last post. Firstly, there is simply the fact that I wrote it at all. The act of writing that night was one of pushing past my comfort zones, and through uncertainty. It was trying to be more accepting of disharmony and imbalance; of the fact that life should not always be dressed up in beauty and hope, however aesthetically pleasing and comfortable it may be to do so.

Secondly, the supportive and encouraging responses to my words were overwhelming. No one can ‘fix’ things, or make my pain disappear, but honest, human connection can lift the most sorrowful heart at least a fraction. Although it seems an obvious truth that a great many others in the world have and do struggle through some days as desperately as I do, hearing from those people and being reminded that it is both universal and okay to occasionally feel and voice those things is reassuring.

Thank you, lovely readers, who were there on a dark and desperate day, and shared your empathy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


6 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. I was so meaning to comment and offer support on your last post and I do so apologize not doing so.

    I was dealing with my sick old Angel kitty who we did have euthanized on Monday.

    I know we have never met, but I think about you all the time, marveling at your strength but also realizing your struggle. Sometimes letting vulnerability show, which often comes through a lack of control over emotions, initiates the healing (not the cure) that brings life back again.

    I think it comes back to what Becoming Herself expresses so beautifully and profoundly in her latest post about perfection and imperfection (I am still pondering it…) If I may quote her: ‘Imperfection fashions pearls: it transforms’. There is no perfect emotion, only a truthful one and therein lies its creativity. Perhaps ‘the pearl’ in your grief is the joy that it remembers.

    Blessings and Peace, Diane

    1. I feel your support with me even when you don’t write, and I am so very, very sorry to hear about Angel.

      Thank you for sharing that beautiful and appropriate line from such a wonderful post. Thank you for becoming such a good friend.

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