A Temporary Adieu

In a few hours my family and I will climb on an aeroplane and depart for three weeks on sunnier shores. We fly to Durban, South Africa, to stay with my husband’s parents, and will also have a brief few days in Cape Town where I will spend a little time with my own family. I will have very limited access to the internet while I am gone, so I am unlikely to be blogging, or reading any posts, until January.

I am unfortunately still in very poor health, as the intensity of my headache began to increase again last Friday, and had flattened me again by Saturday. I have an arsenal of drugs to help me survive the 25 hours of travelling ahead. I am quite simply terrified by the prospect, but keep reminding myself that pain can, and will, be endured.

In case I don’t post again before then, I would like to wish all of you wonderful people a very merry Christmas, however and wherever you may be celebrating. I can’t thank you enough for all the support and companionship over the past months; both have been truly invaluable.


10 thoughts on “A Temporary Adieu

  1. So sorry that you’re still feeling unwell, Laurel. But prayers for this trip to provide much healing in body, mind and spirit for you. Safe traveling, Happy Christmas, and best wishes for a New Year that will turn a corner for you to have better health and a lighter heart.

    Connect with you again in 2012!

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately my health is still in the same unresolved state, and I slept through NYE so still feel stuck in hellish 2011… but a friend suggested today that we set our own date for a NYE celebration (and my husband responded to this suggestion with ‘Hmmmm, yes, when you’re HEALTHY!’), so there is hope yet!!!! x

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