Simple Grief

I sang Greg Brown’s ‘Spring Wind’ as a lullaby to my youngest son today, and it is the first time in many months I have sung it. It was a song we played at my mother’s cremation, and it brings back powerful memories of the weeks after her death – I know I have mentioned it in previous blog posts. It was a relief to feel grief flood me again, and tears trickle down my face. In all the complicated emotional turmoil of life, the simple clarity of missing my mother seemed suddenly easier than anything else. It was easy to recognise, name, and understand. I still find that while the whole process of grieving is a huge, messy, unending and ever-changing process that is entirely unpredictable and sometimes impossibly difficult, it occasionally contains straightforward moments of pure loss that feel like a gift.

9 thoughts on “Simple Grief

  1. Boy do I hear that. Actually just being able to cry- just hurt and cry and miss that person… Why is that so hard to reach? My inner voice interferes with it so often, and even in the months of darkest depression over mums death just crying for her was not my normal state of being. Love you Laur. Hope things are getting easier in London. xxx

  2. Thanks for articulating this. I told my therapist recently that my sadness connects me to him (the man I mourn) … so when that emotion lifts, it makes me feel farther away from the person I want so desperately to be with.

  3. Hearing you on this. Crying, and letting the emotions flow, does allow the body to have some relief.
    Thanking you for sharing. Helping me connect to my inner self.

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