London Snow

‘White is the color of the new, the pure, the pristine. It is also the color of soul free of the body, of spirit unencumbered by the physical. It is the color of the essential nourishment, mother’s milk. Conversely, it is the color of the dead, of things which have lost their rosiness, their flush of vitality. When there is white, everything is, for the moment, tabula rasa, unwritten upon. White is a promise that there is nourishment enough for things to begin anew, that the empitness or the void would be filled.’ (Clarissa Pinkola Estes, in Women Who Run With the Wolves)


10 thoughts on “London Snow

  1. The collage is so simple and yet so telling, Laurel (especially the footprints…). And that quote is exquisitely beautiful for its poetry and searching. That last line gave me shivers of hope.

    Thanks for sharing! I always look forward to your posts.

    1. Yes, the footprints (mine and my eldest son, Tristan’s) hold a lot of complexities for me, and the quote combined with my feelings when I took the photographs (the heaviness of the snow weighing down that branch, with the excitement of new emerging life within the daffodil shoot) held the joys and sorrows of life is delightful balance…

      You have an amazing capacity to make me feel seen, heard, acknowledged – it is a great gift, and I am deeply grateful for it.

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