Bluebells and other delights

I have been so quiet… just refocusing my energy elsewhere for a while during this difficult month. While I gather my thoughts together I decided to share a few photographs I took last week on a family day out to Emmett’s Garden in Kent. I hope you enjoy them.

19 thoughts on “Bluebells and other delights

  1. I’ve always loved Bluebells. I’ve always thought of them as modest and luminous at the same time which is probably nonesense but I love the way they sprinkle the ground without any hoo haa or gardeners getting in the way if you follow me. Looks like a lovely walk and just the kind of thing I enjoy as well

    1. ‘Modest and luminous at the same time’ – well, there’s nothing like nonsense that makes perfect sense, it is a perfect description! Yes, I absolutely agree, they don’t need any assistance or encouragement, just space to be…

  2. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. My mom loved flowers. She had over 300 orchids when she died (I now have 2 and am hoping not to kill them). If I couldn’t find my mom in the house, I’d step out the back door and there she’d be in one of her gardens, lovingly caring for her flowers and other plants.

    1. Wow, that is a lot of orchids, how amazing! I truly love orchids, they are so brightly bold yet have such a refined, details beauty – I hope your 2 survive, they must be a lovely reminder of your mom. My mom was a farmer, she once dug up a whole rose garden to plant a veggie garden – but she loved flowers too 🙂

  3. These photos are so lovely, Laurel. Flowers are so soothing and inspiring and magical! Surely they are a cure-all. I especially love bluebells…where I lived in England there was a bluebell wood just a little walk from my house…you have helped me relive approaching its rise of almost misty blue, its subtly sweet scent and walking carefully amidst the pride and droop of their soundless bells. And, it was remarkable, how there was always a few pink and white ones too. The bottom photo is calling me to paint it…if you don’t mind I would like to have a go. Thank you for sharing! Love, Diane

    1. Oh Diane, ‘soothing and inspiring and magical!’ – yes, absolutely! I am so glad I could evoke such wonderful memories. I found one beautiful white one too, to my surprise, though didn’t notice any pink… Oh I would LOVE you to paint it, that would be such a treat! I simply adore you paintings.

  4. I hear you.
    Ah, so beautiful and magical! Stunning photos’s!
    I get lost out in nature with all the flowers, trees, birds, bees and butterflies…full of magic and wonder!

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