Poetic Hearts Anthology

Tonight, tears are finally flowing, and I want to share with you something rather special that I’ve been working on. I really hope you gain one tiny bit of the joy from reading it that I had in creating it. Please click this link –  Poetic Hearts Poetry Anthology – to view the anthology.

I must send out a huge thank you to all the amazing poets, writers, artists and generally amazingly creative people included here, all of whom have enriched my life immensely.


11 thoughts on “Poetic Hearts Anthology

    1. Ah Diane, what can I say – your artwork was what inspired me to include pictures, and it thus wouldn’t have become what it is without you! Your gorgeous paintings and charming poems still lift my heart every time I see them!

  1. There’s a lot of stuff here. I’ve saved it so can I can read it more at my leasure. I’m pretty sure that if you recommend something I’m going to like it, so thankyou for thrusting it in front of my eyes so to speak

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