Lapiskamay Project

Last August I was returning to the office from a meeting, and as I stepped out from the shelter of the Underground a warm torrent of rain began to fall from the sky. Instead of waiting for it to pass, or buying an umbrella, I skipped out into it with a huge grin on my face, and walked slowly up the street with my palms upwards to catch as many drops as I could. I couldn’t keep the smile from my face, or the laughter from bursting out of me as I gloried at the beauty and joy of the moment. I wrote a poem about it, and posted it here, and I also included it in the poetry anthology I compiled this year. I was frustrated, however, not to have a suitable photograph to go with it, so when I stumbled across the Lapiskamay Project it jumped immediately to mind. The author was kind enough to accept my suggestion, and below I have posted the poem again, with his picture below.


Caught in a Summer Downpour

Arms outstretched in delight
Smile stretching wide
Laughter bubbling –
Drenched in joy.

8 thoughts on “Lapiskamay Project

  1. The poem and painting are splendid and complement each other perfectly! I could certainly relate to welcoming the rain with open arms … we have been in such a drought, but it finally rained hard yesterday for a couple of hours … and I could hear nature laughing with me!

  2. Love the way you embrace the rain. I blush to admit that I am a rain wimp. I don’t know why. I have sometimes gotten so drenched that all I could do is laugh but normally I try and avoid it. Your attitude is so much healthier.

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