Gratitude #2

As I wrote over a year ago, I have a wonderful friend (who I met through blogging, met in person not long thereafter, and has become one of the people I treasure the most in the world) who taught me the joy of writing lists of things I feel grateful for.

I began this post on Friday night, continued it yesterday, but only managed to finish it up today! This weekend I am grateful for…

Dinner-time conversation and laughs around the kitchen table with my family in the evenings.

Having the privilege to work in an environment that is challenging, rewarding, and stimulating.

Stiff muscles, which have worked hard and are growing stronger.

Geographically distant friends who keep in touch regularly via email, facebook and Skype.

Knowing that my actions made a positive difference in more than one person’s life this week.

Delicious, wholesome food.


The ever-growing friendship between my two boys.

The satisfactions of gardening.


Having exciting goals to work towards.

The comfort of fresh ginger, lemon & honey tea.

Kids on bicycles with happy smiles.

The gorgeous view outside my living room window as I type.

The stability of having a more-than-just-temporary home to nest in.

Finding peace within myself.


Lemon meringue pie.

Dreams, in which I can once again be with those I love who are far away (such as swimming in a sunlit ocean with my mother last night).

Stones that fit perfectly in the palm of my hand.


New connections.

Feeling increasingly settled back into my home land.

Walking barefoot and feeling the earth and grass beneath my toes.

The capacity for children to overcome others’ prejudice with their straightforward engagement, ignoring gender, age or racial differences.

The reminder that sometimes the most necessary and effective thing to do is nothing.

Retaining hope and faith.

A sense of living a full, and fulfilling, life.

7 thoughts on “Gratitude #2

  1. This is a lovely gratitude list Laurel. And a good reminder for me too. Its strange how we see, hear or read something exactly when we need to. I am having a “down” day and temporarily lost sight of my gratitude. But you have brought it back into focus for me with this post. There is always something to be grateful for even when we do lose sight, and I have so much; I just need to allow myself this off day, without getting cross with myself, knowing that it will pass.

    With love and gratitude for your friendship

    Christine xx

    1. Ah Christine, you have given me something extra to be grateful for! I am so glad that it was a positive reminder for you today. When I wrote my first list I was feeling quite down and edgy; most of this list was written in a relatively calm and meditative state of mind. I certainly found the process useful in both contexts. You and I have, however, discussed in the past the need to be gentle with ourselves on the roughest days, and not force ourselves to think only of the positives when we really need to just let ourselves feel horrid for a while – and as you say, I think really it’s the “knowing that it will pass” aspect that can be the most crucial sometimes.

      *hugs* and huge appreciation for your friendship too xx

  2. Maybe I need to do the same… Of course having things to be grateful for doesn’t take away the things to feel sad/frustrated/unhappy about, but it can refocus one’s mind on the other side of one’s life.

  3. Great post Laurel.
    Sometime it’s good just to sit down and think about all the good things that life has given / brought you, and often it’s the simpler things that bring the most pleasure.
    Hope you had a good weekend
    love n hugs

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