Things I Feel Grateful For Today

The friendship between my boys – and accepting that small fights are a natural part of that.

The lush green beauty just outside my window.

Dancing the night away.


Human connection.


My cosy duvet and comfy bed.

An unexpected and generous offer of support from someone I barely know.

My family – just as they are.

Comforting memories of my mother.

Hot showers.

Getting back in touch with my sense of agency, however briefly.

Remembering that I can choose to feel grateful, even when feeling lost.

Friends far away, who I know I will connect with again when the time is right.

Look up to the sky....


4 thoughts on “Things I Feel Grateful For Today

  1. Lovely to see you Laurel!

    Its good to acknowledge our gratitude. There is always something to be grateful for even when it seems like there isnt. I especially love your choosing to feel grateful; that’s the big one. It always comes back to choice.


    1. Thanks Christine! Sorry my returns to blog-land are so intermittent – I think of you often, even when I’m not online xx And yes, remembering and choosing…. I’m going to try include daily lists of things I’m grateful for in my journal!

    1. Ah Peter, thank you so much! I am feeling neither well nor happy, but I have hope and I am working through a lot of things I need to work through at the moment. Growth is painful, as I was reminded yesterday, and I see this as a vital time in my personal growth! But these occasional forays and reconnections with my wonderful blogging friends warm my heart greatly 🙂

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