Launching Into 2014 with a Spring in My Step

Okay, I’ll be honest, I haven’t felt very sprightly today – I have, in fact, like many around the world I am sure, spent much of the day sporting an unfortunate hangover, not assisted by the six hour drive home after visiting my sister and her family in Johannesburg. After seeing in the New Year with laughter and fun I have, despite my body’s complaints, been feeling calm, happy, and delighted to be arriving in 2014 feeling more hopeful and focused then I have for quite some time.

I have been pondering over the upcoming year, and how I want to approach it, although I have also been enjoying visiting family, and relaxing into a brief few days of their company, so I don’t have a complete plan drawn up yet, though I’m not letting that be a set-back or concern. I have simply decided that this first week is partly dedicated to the development of that plan, as well as the beginnings of implementation. There are quite a few things to take into account as I embark on this, and I am trying to balance my optimism and currently overflowing energy and desire to challenge myself and make positive changes, with an awareness of needing to be careful not to set myself up to fail, overload an already overcommitted schedule, become obsessive rather than relaxed and excited about the changes, or start another project that I’m not going to complete, particularly as one of my large overarching focus areas is about completing things! Two of the things on the list for January thus far include:

• Get a minimum of 7.5 hours sleep a night on at least 6 nights of the week. This seems an impossible task – I have worked hard over the past year to get up to 7 hours of sleep on most nights, and there just doesn’t seem enough time in a day to squeeze in any more and still achieve what I wish to achieve. However, I do know that I face the day with greater amounts of energy and actually achieve more in less time when I am rested and well, so I am going to be disciplined about this.
• Learn Pilates and do a minimum of three 45-minute sessions per week. I will explain more about the reason for this another time, but for now, in order to achieve the first of those goals, I had better my disciplined about getting myself into bed!

I hope the sun has set on a wonderful first day of 2014 for you all.


2 thoughts on “Launching Into 2014 with a Spring in My Step

  1. I love this post Laurel! I was just saying to another blogging friend that its good for me to be around this enthusiasm and positive attitude,as it helps me to keep my head above water with my own plans for the year ahead.

    I like the sound of a spring in your step! Thats how I want to feel, even if I cant literally spring anymore; the springing can be there nevertheless!

    Good luck and much joy in all your prijects! 😊


    1. Thank you! I’m really glad my energy can spill over and be of assistance to others 🙂 I also think that one of the amazing things about communities – whether online or otherwise – it that when we feel up, we can help lift others, and when we are struggling, we can seek support from those around us.

      I hope you are feeling sprightly, even if your body is unable to echo the emotion, and thank you so much for your faithful, much-valued support. I feel more focused again simply for reading your comment 🙂 xx

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