Time for some Gratitude

Sometimes, when I feel lost in a sense of overwhelming futility, I remember my blog-friend Ruth’s gratitude lists, and try to shift my focus onto the good in my life. Today I am grateful for…

The comfort of tea.
A best friend who accepts and supports me, even when I struggle to accept or support myself.
Music that gets my feet tapping and body swaying:

The satisfaction of getting things ticked off my to-do list.
An awareness of those I love accessing incredible depths of strength as they grow through painful events in their lives.
Re-connecting with some wonderful bloggers again, and remembering what a supportive environment of creative and compassionate people I have access to.


4 thoughts on “Time for some Gratitude

  1. I think gratitude lists are very important for me, probably for everyone. When I am having a difficult time I make myself write one and these are the ones that lift me the most. Its so easy to write gratitude lists when I am feeling good and already grateful. But when that gratitude flies off on a breqk, qnd it often does, I set too and write one. Yours is a lovely list to remind me. So thank you for this post! 😊

    Love and hugs

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