A Joyful Dawn

This morning I discovered the calmest, happiest space I have been in for some time. Exhausted, I collapsed into bed early last night, and slept for a solid, restorative nine hours, waking before the alarm went off at 5am feeling refreshed and ready for the day. After getting into my training clothes, making some ginger and cinnamon tea, doing some warm-up exercises and laying out my yoga mat, I stepped outside to take a photograph of the sunrise, and a delighted grin crept onto my face as I breathed in the fresh, fragrant morning.

Yoga dawn

Not wanting to move away from the beauty of the dawn or the joyful crispness of the air, I swiftly concluded that my morning’s programme could shift to include some standing yoga poses on the large tree stump at the top of the bank just in front of the cottage, beginning with the Sun Salutation. Pausing between sequences to feed the menagerie of children and pets, I finished the morning routine sitting cross-legged on the tree stump eating a delicious breakfast of rolled oats, buckwheat powder, chia seeds, Bulgarian yoghurt and freshly-sliced mango. A puppy frolicked on one side of me, and my youngest son played happily on the other. As the sun finally burst over the top of the ridge opposite, the joyful smile had shifted into my heart, and a delicious sense of peace had settled over me.

Morning rays


10 thoughts on “A Joyful Dawn

    1. That is certainly true Peter, and not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate that view, though of course some days are more peaceful than others, and sometimes the appreciation is only as I rush out the door, late!

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