Gratitude #5

Today I am grateful for…

Birdsong. The clouds catching the first rays of the sun.


Watching the Egyptian geese fly up the valley below, the white on their wings in beautiful contrast against the dark forest. Connection. The deliciously fresh sharpness of the morning air as I open the curtains. The raucous cries of the haededas. Taking the time to pause and notice NOW rather than rushing towards the future. Refreshing water on my tongue. A few extra calm minutes in my morning. Lovely surprises. Having a growing network of support.

Discovering an upbeat song I hadn’t heard before, which turned out to be by a South African band, with a fun music video featuring one of my favourite places in the world: Cape Town (and they have a gig in London on the 15th March)

“A world full of wonder
A sunrise everyday”


2 thoughts on “Gratitude #5

  1. What a beautiful gratitude list Laurel! We need always be grateful for another sunrise. 😊

    Lovely song too; it reminds me, in rhythm and pace, of some of Paul Simon’s later songs. I cant place which songs Im thinking of but I have a feeling they might be on Graceland. Xx

  2. Beautiful post! Gratefulness expressed in such a lovely natural way, Laurel, really capturing the flow – and pause – of moments. My latest poem is similiar in its reflection, I think, and also includes the observation of geese. XO

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