6 thoughts on “Gratitude isn’t just for the easy days

  1. A lovely list of things you are grateful for Laurel. And Im sure you are right, it isnt just for the easy days; in fact I think it is more important for us and more powerful too, when we are grateful no matter what is happening for us, because there is always something. And I am the first to admit that gratitude can escape through an open window on some days. But as long as i “run” after it and catch it then all is well. 😊

    1. Haha, I love that image of chasing and catching our gratitude! I certainly am being constantly reminded at the moment that we often cannot control what happens to us, and our power lies simply in our capacity to chose how we are with what happens.

  2. I’m not sure you can get great coffee in the UK, as you may remember, but I’m glad you have access to it now. I have sat on the promenade in Italy sipping their delicious brews and revelling in the sights and sounds around me but now, and I pause to sob a little, I am back in my London life and sipping on my Nescafe and telling myself, “It’s something to do with the water”. It must be, mustn’t it. It can’t be anything to do with the chap who made it: that would be too painful

    1. Ah, my dear, cynically amusing and ever-delightful Peter: I have to agree that the experience of sipping a great coffee in Italy is hard to beat (though when I was last there I was not yet a coffee drinker, and delighted instead in their heavenly ice cream), but have fond memories of many a good brew in London 🙂 I am now lucky enough to be the owner of a very smart and well-engineered coffee machine (which is also available in the UK), and have access to a great range of locally-roasted beans. Perhaps you’ll need to use the first profits from your wonderful new book to buy the machine, some Italian beans, and a fabulous Italian film to transport you back 🙂 As for the chap, he’s delightful, whatever the quality of his coffee; and the water? Ha!

  3. Hi Laurel
    Hope all is well with you and family. I am sure the boys are thriving in their new environment and have long forgotten London. As you know Ian has gone and we are still not clear about what will happen to our service. I have stopped giving it much energy. They will do what they want. At least you are out of it.
    Take care

    1. Dear Inez,
      How wonderful to hear from you, even if the news itself isn’t great. Yes, the boys are indeed thriving: sunshine, dirt and lots of space are good for growing souls 🙂 They certainly have not, however, forgotten London, and Tristan certain reminisces and asks me when we can go back and visit. When I asked him recently what he misses the most he replied, ‘Greenwich Park; my school; my friends; the park across the road; snow; Halloween; the park with the train…’ and so the list continued. He has a remarkable memory!

      I did indeed hear that Ian has left, but I am very sorry to hear that everything is so uncertain. It must be exhausting indeed, after all this time, and I am glad if you are able to direct you energy to things more within your control. I hope you have some clarity and sense of security soon.

      Big, big hugs, and sending some African sunshine your way!

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