100 Happy Songs

I have been thoroughly enjoying the #100happydays project thus far, having reached day 23 without missing a post (thanks in part to a daily reminder from my phone, just in case!), and I’ve been getting on well with my 100 Happy Songs project too, in little bursts. Tonight, the playlist – which I have been working on in iTunes – grew from 48 to 82 songs, and I made a start at getting the list onto a YouTube playlist. Here are the first 25:

Now many of you don’t post comments on my blog but do contact me in other ways, so to help me finish up the playlist, please send me (by whatever means you prefer) the names of the songs most guaranteed to lift your heart and / or your mood: comment, email, Whatsapp, Skype, facebook, call me up and sing it to me… or something more creative!


8 thoughts on “100 Happy Songs

  1. Its not a song, but how about the ‘Out of Africa’ theme by John Barry. I’ve got loads of songs and tunes to be honest because I am a music nut of the first water to be honest. still I will stop there before I get too carried away. Tell me when you’ve finished the book pleth

    1. Oh it’s lovely Peter, thank you (listening now)! Do get carried away and send me some more suggestions 🙂 I promise to let you know as soon as I’ve finished the book! Thoroughly enjoying it still but finding little time to read – unfortunately being sick hasn’t meant more than that one evening in bed, and life has been more than usually busy this past week.

    1. It’s been lovely seeing your 100happydays posts, and it’s kept me inspired 🙂 Great, I look forward to the list – and in the interim, I have added Roy Orbison’s ‘You Got It’ to the list!

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