Sunshine & Gratitude

Today I am grateful for…

Love, even when silent.

A relaxed lie-in on a sun-flooded bed.

The fresh wind on my face whilst riding on the back of the bakkie with the kids, shouting ‘Woo hoo!’ at the top of our voices in our excitement.

Rhys watching the wavesThe simple pleasures of the beach: sandcastles, children’s laughter and delighted squeals, ice-cream bells, the deliciousness of the water as it first curls over my toes.

Breathing deep.

Being present in the moment.

Beach sky

Staring up at the sky.

Floating on the ocean swells, feeling weightless and full of joy.

Sunshine kissing my skin.

Beach feet

Seeing smiles on the faces of those I love.

Remembering special times with wonderful people.

The crisp sourness of an apple awakening my taste-buds.


Support from afar.

The amusing and bemusing conversations I have in my head whilst gardening.

A calm heart.

Mozart’s super-caramel ice cream.


Connection, despite distance.


2 thoughts on “Sunshine & Gratitude

  1. Such a beautiful post of gratitude Laurel. I read it twice I enjoyed it so much. There are so many simple things in life to be grateful for, and of course, they are the most precious xx

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