Favourite quotes from ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’

Sunaina: Do you love me, Sonny?

Sonny: My feelings cannot be reduced to a single word.

Sunaina: It is a nice word. People like hearing it.


Evelyn: There is no past that we can bring back by longing for it. Only a present that builds and creates itself as the past withdraws.


Evelyn: The person who risks nothing, does nothing. Has nothing.


Jean: In fact, I think I’ve been looking for you for a very long time.

Graham Dashwood: Mrs. Ainslie. I’m gay.

Jean: …As in… happy?


Evelyn: Is it our friend we are grieving for, whose life we knew so little? Or is it our own loss that we are mourning? Have we travelled far enough that we can allow our tears to fall?

Madge Hardcastle: When someone dies, you think about your own life.


Evelyn: What’s the use of a marriage when nothing is shared?


Evelyn: Nothing here has worked out quite as I expected.

Muriel: Most things don’t. But sometimes what happens instead is the good stuff.


Evelyn: The only real failure is the failure to try. And the measure of success is how we cope with disappointment. As we always must. We came here, and we tried. All of us, in our different ways. Can we be blamed for feeling we’re too old to change? Too scared of disappointment to start it all again? We get up every morning, we do our best. Nothing else matters.

6 thoughts on “Favourite quotes from ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’

  1. This was a wonderful film with an excellent script and inspiring storytelling. Have been thinking of you, Laurel, and hope that you and your family are doing better every day. XO ♥

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