Woza Moya Little Traveller Movies

I don’t spend much time on social or online media these days, as I have been consciously putting focus and energy into the here and now, and creating rather than absorbing. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy it when following the occasional link on facebook takes me somewhere that makes me smile. Tonight, I stumbled across some old videos with a few very familiar faces, including Tholakala, an amazing Gogo (grandmother in the Zulu language) I have had the privilege of getting to know during my time at the wonderful Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, and of course the little traveller dolls I adore! I find, when something brings me joy or makes me smile, I always have an impulse to share it. So, here it is:

Woza Moya Little Traveller Movies

2 thoughts on “Woza Moya Little Traveller Movies

  1. Laurel, I emailed some photos from our Lesotho days and wonder if you recieved them via your British email. If not I will send them to you at your current address once you send it to me.
    Sara Wendy Day

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