Remembering to express gratitude

Today I am grateful for…

My More to Life Enrichment group meeting again for the first time in a couple of months, and feeling reconnected, revived, and ready to recommit.

Having a family I love to come home to tonight, and always – no matter what I am coming from, and how wonderful it may have been – actively and consciously looking forward to getting home to them.

The release of tears.

Remembering that I have the power to choose – not always what happens, but how I respond to it.

Home made lemonade awakening my sleepy taste buds.

Being reminded to be kind to myself.

Knowing my wonderful bed is waiting for me to collapse into the comfort of it.

Committing once again to daily gratitude lists.


2 thoughts on “Remembering to express gratitude

  1. Some days it is harder than others to be grateful, as you well know, Laurel. But there IS always something to be grateful for … and thank you for reminding me on a day when I am struggling to be optimistic. Blessings, my friend, and hope you and your lovely family are healing. XO ♥

    1. Ah, you’re absolutely right – but while I find it joyful to record and share the things that delight me when I’m feel light-hearted, I find it most useful when I’m struggling to find gratitude and have to dig deep. I’m very glad to hear the reminder came at a useful time! We are indeed healing, slowly but surely xx

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