Tuesday’s Gratitude

(I wrote this on Tuesday night, but I haven’t had internet until today. Life turned a little bit upside down again yesterday, but I thought I would post this anyway)

Today I am grateful for…

The joy of reciprocity.

Breathing in life, just as it is.

My sweet little (and not-so-little) pooches, the best of friends.

Making new choices when faced with old triggers.

Being able to provide support to my support partner.

Loving my work, despite the never-ending deadlines and pressures.

Feeling open-hearted again, rather than closed, fearful and protective.

The very tangible sense of being part of things that make the world a more caring and loving place.

Staying calmly on-purpose with my goals.

Be aware of and excited by learning new things all the time – from how to make gluhwein to how to love more fully, richly, and selflessly.

Practicing new ways of being in my dreams.

Feeling more accepting and less hard on myself.

The satisfaction of ticking numerous things off my to-do list.


Calming accepting that we all sometimes have to work through the tough stuff to reach a better place, and new growth. Just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong, or that I should give up.

Looking forward to planned adventures and travels.

Remembering that creativity is therapy.


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