Mastery of Self in Service

I had the privilege, a year and a half ago, of becoming part of a truly remarkable community of caring, open-hearted people committed to keep learning from life – just as it is – in each new moment that unfolds. This is the joy of being involved with the More to Life programme.

I spent the past weekend as part of an amazing team of fellow volunteers creating a safe space for 28 participants to find a new depth of connection with themselves and others, and to step forth into their lives with a new sense of purpose. To see the growth in each member of our team, as well as the blossoming within each participant, was a humbling experience for which I am truly grateful.

One of the participants shared her experience with us on the third day of the course:

It’s good to meet yourself again. I realise now that moving forward I have to be ME; it’s the only way to be better for everyone around me. I feel at peace with myself now, and realise that looking after myself isn’t selfish – it lets me give more to other people. I have dreams and passions and things I want to do, but I didn’t know why I couldn’t DO them. Now I know – it wasn’t anything external stopping me, it was me. Now I know I can do anything. I was lost; I was looking for myself. I want to dream, to impart knowledge, to serve others – but I can’t serve them if I’m not fully present myself.

I was led to reflect and write down my own commitments to myself at this time:

“I will see life as my friend, and teacher.

I will recognise myself as strong, loving, unique, creative, and adventurous.

I will be brave in speaking my heart, trusting of myself, and I will dance in celebration of life.

With others, I will be caring, open-hearted, playful, empathetic and honest.

My stand is to never give up on my own and other’s endless capacity to love, grow, and connect.

My purpose in life is to be open to and learn from what life has to offer me; to love, laugh, dance, listen, care, enable, support, explore, and be fully present within each moment and connection.”


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