There are times I miss my mother so intensely I feel destabilised. I close my eyes just to see again her familiar gestures and expressions. I am amazed how simply the fact of her existence in the world used to be such a great comfort, even when we hadn’t spoken in weeks, living continents apart. Mostly, these … More Missing

Time To Grow

There is a book that I turn to for wisdom and support when I feel myself start to struggle with something, and I inevitably find just what I need when I open it. Here is what I needed to hear tonight to get my mind clear: “During eons of evolution, from the simplest of living … More Time To Grow

Continuing to Cultivate Gratitude

“The effects of consciously practicing gratitude have been studied: When compared to merely thinking about significant life events, contemplating daily hassles, or comparing oneself favorably to others, thinking about what one is grateful for increases one’s feelings of well-being, motivation, and positive outlook toward the future.” – Sam Harris in Waking Up Today I am grateful … More Continuing to Cultivate Gratitude

A Final Breath

She came to us from trauma: Born with HIV in her blood, Neglected; withdrawn. She didn’t know how to play With the toys placed before her. Over the months we watched her transformation – Her smile emerged, gradually, Until it would brighten any room With its mischievous spirit. As she learnt to play, To talk, … More A Final Breath

Waking Up

“One can spend long periods of time in contemplative solitude for the purpose of becoming a better person in the world – having better relationships, being more honest and compassionate and, therefore, more helpful to one’s fellow human beings. Being wisely selfish and being selfless can amount to very much the same thing. There are … More Waking Up