Waking Up

“One can spend long periods of time in contemplative solitude for the purpose of becoming a better person in the world – having better relationships, being more honest and compassionate and, therefore, more helpful to one’s fellow human beings. Being wisely selfish and being selfless can amount to very much the same thing. There are centuries of anecdotal testimony on this point – and the scientific study of the mind has begun to bear it out. There is now little question that how one uses one’s attention, moment to moment, largely determines what kind of person one becomes. Our minds – and lives – are largely shaped by how we use them.” – Sam Harris in “Waking Up”


Tonight I am grateful for…

Shifting, moving, flowing.

Allowing new patterns to begin to emerge as I re-examine old behaviours that no longer serve me.

New sources of support and nurturing.

The insatiable satisfaction of learning.

New growth, energy, contemplation and self-knowledge.

Slowly learning to trust more in the ways I find most difficult.

A reminder that I am not a victim, and I always have agency.

Feeling excited about the journey, wherever the destination may be… or if the concept of a destination is merely illusion.

Pausing to quietly reflect on and feel grateful for achievements.

Seeing new possibilities.

Breathing through fear, and letting it go.


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