A Final Breath

She came to us from trauma:
Born with HIV in her blood,
Neglected; withdrawn.
She didn’t know how to play
With the toys placed before her.

Over the months we watched her transformation –
Her smile emerged, gradually,
Until it would brighten any room
With its mischievous spirit.

As she learnt to play,
To talk, to laugh,
Her body grew strong –
Even a little round, happy belly!

Taken from us to what we thought
Was a new home, a brighter future,
The devastation of deceit and deterioration
In a matter of weeks
Seemed beyond belief.

She came back to us too late
To rescue the years we thought she would still have
In which to play and laugh.
She came back to be wrapped in love,
And to take her final breaths surrounded by
Hearts broken by her departure.

I am, as always, in awe of the incredible people
I am so blessed to work with.
No matter how many precious lives are lost
They never stop caring;
Never close their hearts.

Those that took her into their homes, their families;
Those that played with her, healed her;
Those that fed her through a syringe,
And held her hands until the very end.

Far away tonight, I hold all those that loved her in my heart,
And wish them healing in their grief.
The pain of loss reminds us again and again
That our hearts can ache and bleed
But we live on, to eventually reach out again
And give all the love we can
To the beautiful little spirits
That grace us with their gentle dance
Through our lives, and into our hearts.

2 thoughts on “A Final Breath

  1. Beautiful, Laurel. A powerful and yet elegant poem. So sad, and yet so hopeful that the compassion and generosity can make a difference in this often cruel world. Sending much love and hugs, Diane XO ♥

    1. Thank you Diane, I really appreciate the love, hugs and friendship x She has only been buried a few weeks yet it feels like something of a dream that she was with us… amazing how the mind copes with loss. Such a special little soul she was.

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