Musical Memories

When I saw there was a Baroque 2000 ensemble performance at a local Monastery on the 31st May, I knew instantly that it would be a wonderful way to spend some time communing with memories of my mother on this fourth anniversary of her death.

31 May 2015 Collage

I have such a powerful recollections of sitting with her, holding hands, both with tears sliding down our cheeks as we enjoyed the evocative Bach Cello Suites in a little church in Cornwall not too many years ago. When I shared that memory with my aunt Judy recently, she replied saying, “Ah, the Bach cello, my best love… it became my theme music and Tess and Paula came to love it, too. I have a Yoyo Ma DVD of him playing the suites – the last thing I lent Tess.” How we all miss her so.

Please forgive the quality of these recordings, as they were captured on my iPhone, but i wanted to share a flavour of the music.

First, there was Austrian composer Johann Joseph Faux’s Overture in D Major No 4, and here is the Menuet.

IMG_1778 (1)

Next, we were treated to Jean Philippe Rameau’s VI eme concert, and here is a snippet of the 1er Menuet.

Lastly, we enjoyed French composer Jean-Fery Rebel’s final and ‘most ambitious and striking’ composition, Les Elemens. Here is Chaconne – Le Feu (Fire).

I felt so overwhelmed this afternoon with gratitude, in the midst of my sorrow, that I have so many wonderful memories of times with my mother, and for the capacity she nurtured within me to open my heart to the full beauty of not just music, but the world.

2 thoughts on “Musical Memories

  1. Oh, Laurel, I just listened to the Soundcloud snippets and they were sublimely beautiful. Yes, certainly my kind of music, and the setting looks perfect. What a beautiful way to honor your beloved mother’s memory – music is a strong connection between my mom and I, too. All the arts, as they affect the senses, the heart, the soul, bring people closer on earth and beyond. Sending a big hug for this emotional anniversary and your birthday. Your mother would be – is – so proud of you! XO ❤

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