Tonight’s Gratitude

I find it one of the most profound joys that when we choose to turn our minds consciously to gratitude, we become increasingly aware of quite how much we have to be grateful for! Tonight, I am grateful for…

Sitting quietly with the discomfort of the new and unknown, and finding enormous rewards on the other side.

Building new friendships, not to replace existing ones but to grow a limitless circle of mutual caring.

Having people in my life who offer consistent and reliable support to help me stay true to my goals.

Pausing to savour the sweetness of simple human empathy and connection, and feeling my heart swell with appreciation for the people I get to work alongside: I received a message this afternoon from a colleague at the organisation where I began working on Monday, the Association for Rural Advancement (AFRA):

“Hey Lau, thanks for chatting – the more I speak to you the more I grow to love you. I can definitely see that you are your like mom in so many ways. Your warm caring personality shines through your beautiful face; it feels so easy to be able to chat with you. Thank you for your time, thank you for listening. Really appreciate it. AFRA has certainly made the right choice – you’re young, dynamic, smart, proactive and very energetic.

We will support you in every way we can. AFRA is like home – people are great, environment is good, that’s why I give my heart and soul to AFRA. I’ve always been dedicated and my commitment lies with AFRA. We’ve stuck it through the worst and I am even more positive now that things will get better. You will do so well :-)”

The excitement of having a weekend full of playing my favourite sport – Canoe Polo – ahead of me!

The satisfaction of planning a gorgeous new website for work, figuring out how to create it, and knowing I have support to call on when I get stuck or need creative input.

Having just the right song come on as I hit a traffic jam driving home from work:

The sweetest of cuddles from a sleepy little boy at bedtime.


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