This Week’s Gratitude

The feeling in my stomach as the aeroplane leaves the ground behind. My mother’s necklace, solid and grounding around my neck. Self-contained contentment. Having so many wonderful memories to linger over. Family. Laughter. Intense conversations that expand my understanding of the world and myself. The growth opportunities that arise when I am out of my … More This Week’s Gratitude

Midnight Words

Tidying up electronic files tonight, I found this raw, unedited writing from earlier this year, which I had simply entitled “Midnight Words”. *** Words, tumbling, and my tired mind wants to grasp them just before they slip away… while, simultaneously, turning them into concrete letters seems to push them further from my sleep-heavy awareness. Grasping something … More Midnight Words

Today’s Gratitude

Sunshine. Smiles. Intricate beauty bringing tears to my eyes. Feeling. Loving. Growing from pain. Holding flavours on my tongue, consciously noting their subtleties and pleasures. Giving sorrow space. Conscious breath filling my lungs. Enough sleep to feel rested. Paying attention to textures. Touch. Remembering that however alone I may feel, I can reach out and … More Today’s Gratitude