Today’s Gratitude

Sunshine. Smiles. Intricate beauty bringing tears to my eyes. Feeling. Loving. Growing from pain. Holding flavours on my tongue, consciously noting their subtleties and pleasures. Giving sorrow space. Conscious breath filling my lungs. Enough sleep to feel rested. Paying attention to textures. Touch. Remembering that however alone I may feel, I can reach out and connect if I choose to. Treats. Choice. Hugs.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Gratitude

  1. Beautiful thoughts, Laurel! True that we take for granted so many of our blessings that come every day. As you say, sunshine, smiles, feeling, loving, growing. The moment! May gratitude give us the basic contentment and happiness, as well as the motivation to give back, to help our community 🙂

    1. Thank you. Yes, “giving back” has been ingrained into my professional life for many years, but to keep motivated and positive, it’s important for me to keep connected to that essential gratitude for all that is, and all that I am a part of. Thank you for the connection today x

      1. Very true, what you have said. If the former (essential gratitude) is truly achieved at our core and being, the second (giving back) comes naturally and is additional happiness. Thank you, Laurel for all the sharing and time taken to write / reply!

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