Ending 2015 with Gratitude

I decided to spend my final waking hours of 2015 reflecting on a few of my favourite memories, pictures and songs from the year:

Travelling to places old and new whilst establishing, re-establishing and maintaining connections with new friends and family, and those already long-loved.

IMG_3624Learning more about the complexities and joys of love with each passing year.

Stepping forward into new learning and growth with a full and open heart, despite a healthy dose of fear, and the occasional stumble.


Reading so many mind-expanding books this year, which have given me a multitude of new understanding, tools and practices.

Moments of wholeness and peace.

Laurel and Tess Strawberries

Feeling as connected as ever to my wonderful mother.

Learning deeper levels of letting go.

Supportive and loving colleagues, friends, and family.

Discovering new flavours, songs, poems, emotions, words, writers, and perspectives.

Getting increasingly clear on who and how I want to be, and standing with firmer feet in my beliefs and values.

Learning more about how to stumble, fall, fail, be vulnerable, grapple, learn, and rise stronger and more sure of myself.

Stepping into 2016 with a great sense of excitement, knowing it will bring me more challenges than I could possibly anticipate, more growth than I could plan, and more joy than I could imagine.

Rumi Quote


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