Today I am grateful for…

Seeing the possibilities of joyful new ways of being with and loving the man I have already loved for nearly half my life, and knowing with utter certainty that there is no end to shared learning and growth if we continue to open ourselves to it.

The uniqueness of each dawn, each breath, each moment.


Being held lovingly and safely from many sides as I grapple with fear, pain and self-doubt.

Growing trust in my body’s capacity to heal, and commitment to nurturing and supporting it to be able to do so.

Excited anticipation of time with friends and family I don’t see as often as I would like.

The contrasting textures of three very different layers of clouds, each beautiful alone but breathtaking together.

Cloud layers

The joy of new and growing friendships and deep connections.

Making ever-increasing peace with the processes of letting go.

Looking forward to a day of listening, learning, sharing and find new pathways in our work, with renewed energy.


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