Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful for…

Lovely friends embarking on new adventures.

Being back on the mighty Umkomaas River yesterday, even though it was in a Canoe Polo boat not a river boat! In between fishing out swimming school children and abandoned boats and paddles at the inter-schools Slalom, there was plenty of time to play in the waves and soak up the majesty of the water, mountains, forest, and countless brightly-coloured butterflies.


Solid, deep, healing, recuperative and uninterrupted sleep.

The release of capturing some of what I’m going for in my life by spreading paint joyfully across paper.

Family laughter and shared enjoyment.

Choosing to put work stresses to one side for one weekend, and focus on rebuilding my energy reserves to tackle the week ahead with courage and focus.

Feeling stretched in my growth each and every day, and feeling ready and willing to keep stepping forward and embracing the challenges.

Feeling enriched from having returned to Brené Brown’s ‘Rising Strong’: “Owning our stories means reckoning with our feelings and rumbling with our dark emotions – our fear, anger, aggression, shame, and blame. This isn’t easy, but the alternative – denying our stories and disengaging from emotions – means choosing to live our entire lives in the dark.”

The excitement of the many planned adventures ahead this month, and knowing unplanned ones will materialise too!


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