5 Years Gone

How did I mark the 5th anniversary of my mother’s death?

With tears, of course.


And music, as I naturally do.

With memories, and smiles, and more tears.

With an amazingly productive day of Strategic Planning at the organisation where she once worked, and where she brought as much passion as I now bring, in her own unique way. Wearing her necklace, and touching it often as I thought of what she would bring to the process.

With emails from my siblings that mean more than I can express.

With love, gratitude, and sorrow.

Mom and I in Cornwall

2 thoughts on “5 Years Gone

  1. Hi Laurel, thanks for sharing this poignant and loving remembrance! Ben and I reflected a bit on Tessa’s remarkable life, while at our PLAAS OD retreat last week. I also recently paused at the Goedgedacht memory plaques, where Tessa continues to live among the olive trees! Thank you for so beautifully and gently kindling her spirit!

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