This week I am grateful for…

The soothing company of Passenger on the road.

A very tough and enjoyable Pilates session well before dawn this morning (my first in many years), finding great satisfaction in feeling my muscles stretch, strain, and still hold me with greater strength than I thought they could.

Laughing out loud to myself with pure happiness, thinking that I have seldom believed life could contain so much contentment and satisfaction.

Finding new depths of peace with a process that hasn’t gone as I had hoped, but has delivered immensely constructive knowledge and connections nonetheless.

Enriching conversations that opened me to new ideas and perspectives.

Returning home after three early morning runs, seeing dawn start to lighten the horizon with a smile of tired satisfaction.


The tight excitement in my chest when I think of impending events, visits from loved ones, and many other joys in the coming months.

Sleep. Deep, glorious, peaceful sleep without the restless dreams of work that have disturbed my nights for many exhausting weeks.

The messy, fun, sometimes stressful but ultimately satisfying process of making gingerbread men with the kids, and laughing together at their crazy colours and jelly-tot eyes and buttons – because jelly tots were all we had 🙂

Cosy, beautiful new slippers that warm both my toes and my heart.

Watching the gorgeous sunset colours flow from subtle oranges to eye-catching pinks and purples this evening with a welcome sense of peace, knowing that after a great deal of hard work we’re prepared for the exciting weekend to come as we host and play at the Durban International Canoe Polo tournament.



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