This month I have been grateful for…

Watching my boys do the robot dance to their current favourite song, Better When I’m Dancin‘, smiling to myself with the purest happiness.

Spending time immersed in creation in the kitchen, not rushing to proIMG_4143duce a meal but simply, slowly enjoying the process of exploring new flavours.

The determination, dedication and commitment of my colleagues.

Conversations and readings that lead me to fruitful self-reflection.

The fun of family board games, and introducing the kids to some of my own childhood favourites.

Finally being able to satisfying my children’s longing to play in snow again.


Solidarity and partnership in the most unexpected places.

Rich conversations and new connections.

Productive and enjoyable work meetings awIMG_4248ay from the interruptions of the office, exploring new coffee shops and delightful corners.

Finding beauty in the smallest things.

Returning to a book that gifted me with rich new perspectives, and finding it just as rewarding to engage with as ever.

Loving my first trail run, and being so grateful I chose to slow down and support an injured friend rather than rush to the finish line, despite finding it a challenge when my body felt fresh, strong and ready to go.

1000 Hills Trail Run 2016

Getting better (at times) at calming my busy mind, and being consciously present and content.


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