Inspired by a post called ‘Things that Make Me Happy’, I was amazed at how many things on her list resonated with me, and thought it would be fun to write my own list! So, since I am stuck in bed with a fractured ankle, and keeping my thoughts on positive things can only assist with my patience and healing (especially after a tough day), here are the first twenty. I’ve been interested to note how many of these have shown up in my past gratitude lists, as my intense and conscious pleasure in them never seems to diminish, no matter how often I enjoy them.

  1. Lying in a hot bath watching the steam play with the sunlight.
  2. Family chatter around the dinner table.
  3. Weekend pancake-making with the kids.
  4. Watching the moon on early-morning winter runs, feeling the fresh, chill air and loving being just where I am.
  5. Messages from friends when things are tough.
  6. Engaging and stimulating conversations in unexpected contexts.
  7. Falling into sleep wrapped in the warm delight of the body of the man I love close against me.
  8. Being able to offer love and comfort during difficult times.
  9. Singing along to favourite songs.
  10. Warm sunshine on my skin, especially when the air is crisp and fresh.
  11. Finally getting things done that have been on my to-do list for a while.
  12. Relaxing with lovely people.
  13. The relief of tackling a problem that has been worrying me in the background for some time head-on, and finding solutions, or at least ideas for ways forward.
  14. Breathing into the pleasure of a massage, feeling the muscles releasing and relaxing, and knots unwinding.
  15. Watching favourite old films and remembering why I love them so much.
  16. Absorbing the fleeting beauty of skies lit up with the rich colours of sunrise and sunset.
  17. Friends – enjoying time together, connecting when far apart, and just having them in my heart.
  18. Climbing into bed when it is deliciously toasty from the electric blanket, feeling safe from the chilly night air.
  19. Watching my kids having fun doing crazy dances, or joining in the fun.
  20. Pausing to consciously appreciate the rich pleasures of savouring flavours and textures on my tongue.

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