Happiness contd.

Picking up where I left off in my first list of things that make me happy, here are the next additions:

  1. The connecting messages, emails and phone calls I sometimes received from loved ones after writing blog posts.
  2. Birdsong – outside my window in the mornings, in the early morning dark when out running, or in unexpected corners of the city. If I pause and pay attention there are birds just about everywhere.
  3. Films that open the door to new perspectives and insights.
  4. The loud and tuneful chorus of frogs from the valley on a warm evening, always louder than I can believe.
  5. Hugs. Just losing myself in a hug.
  6. A big gulp of refreshing, cold lemonade straight out the bottle.
  7. Seeing joy and excitement on my kids’ faces (how does anything compare to that?).
  8. Changing my perspective and seeing my way through things that felt almost impossible.
  9. Morning cuddles with my boys, burying myself in their warmth and scent and sweet arms wrapped tight around me.
  10. Reading favourite books from my childhood with my own children.
  11. The rare pleasure of really connecting with a new friend, slowly relaxing into conversation feeling completely safe and uncensored, and enjoying the flow as the hours drift by.
  12. The look of pure happiness and love in my dog’s eyes when I stroke his nose or give him a tummy rub.
  13. The daily contentment of living in a home I truly love, and knowing there is nowhere else in the world I would rather be settled.
  14. Losing myself in a book I can hardly put down, completely connected to the characters and their world.
  15. Conversations with friends in distant places, always just a message away.
  16. The rare joy of a fast and stable internet connection.
  17. Lovely gifts from thoughtful friends and family.
  18. Finding and truly believing in a ray of hope and optimism in a difficult situation.
  19. The moments when I can take a deep breath and, with true and deep acceptance, say, “It is what it is.”
  20. Waking up slowly and gently from a long, deep sleep, feeling rejuvenated and sleepily satisfied.

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