Happiness #4

  1. The soothing sound of the ocean, the sand between my toes.
  2. Sipping Port under the stars, my feet warmed by a fire.
  3. Birthdays that are full of joy, surprises, laughter and love.
  4. Concrete actions that further my wish to surround myself with things that make me happy – this week’s greatest satisfaction being planting some jasmine, whose sweet scent will bring me regular pleasure in future years.
  5. Unexpected phone calls at just the right moment.
  6. Finding, at times when I feel utterly alone, that I am surrounded by support and love, and can reach out and connect with them at any time.
  7. Finding the courage to share my experience and perspective in circumstances where I would usually stay quiet and doubt their validity.
  8. Spending time gardening, affectionately reclaiming growing space for the plants I love amidst the lush abundance of a tropical spring.
  9. Deep, long, passionate, loving kisses at unexpected moments.
  10. Planning family adventures and projects, some of which will become solid realities and some of which will remain pleasurable dreams.
  11. Seeing opportunities where others around me see risks and difficulties, and sensing that my optimism can perhaps help them overcome their fears.
  12. Feeling very tangibly how much I am learning from each tough decision, each challenging situation, each failure and each newly emerging solution.
  13. Seeing in my friend’s internal battles the truth of the fact that while we may keep coming back to the same challenges and internal weaknesses, our lives are spirals and not circles – we come back each time with slightly greater knowledge and experience, however negligible the shift might feel.
  14. The evocative scent of Rosemary, and all the rich memories it awakens.

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