I’m often amazed when I’m absorbed in easily-accessible joys that I don’t do these delightful things more often! Twice during the weekend my boys and I headed out for very simple adventures quite literally on our doorstep, and while my wanderlust and pleasure in wider travels and adventures remain, it is even more satisfying to be grounded here, in the pleasures of home, family, and our beautiful surroundings, utterly content to be just where I am.



4 thoughts on “Grounded

    1. Absolutely! And I’m particularly grateful to the boys for leading me back out the door, and opening my eyes anew. It’s funny, all these years of running these paths, and now that I am temporarily unable to run, see what a gift life has given me: the chance to walk instead, holding the hands of my loved ones, and listening to their laughter, feeling blessed.

    1. Ah, that’s a lovely way to phrase it Peter! Yes indeed; isn’t it one of life’s greatest jokes (and joys) that paradise (and happiness) take not a change of location or situation, but simply a chance in our perspective?

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