Clearing the air

A stormy week it has been at work, with some deeply painful, challenging and difficult moments. It felt appropriate, therefore, to have the working week come to a close in the midst of a spectacular display of torrential rain and pinging hail – hailstones large enough to send me rushing bare-armed into the storm to move my car swiftly to shelter.

Neglected gutters clogged with discarded waste gushed their temporary rivers into the street, puddles swallowed entire sections of road, and I pondered on the fleeting nature of storms and troubles.

Driving out of the storm and straight into a traffic jam on the highway, I shifted from the adrenaline of the downpour to breathing into my patience. I relaxed into enjoying the space I was in, accepting my inability to change the reality around me and deciding that rather than resist it, I would put on some great music and unwind from the week.

After some time, we started to move again, and there ahead of me on the horizon was the start of a rainbow.img_8989

My heart aglow, filled with joy, I turned onto the dirt road that leads me home each day just as the clouds cleared and the sun broke through to light the soft evening sky – the air washed clean, and my hope renewed.




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