Getting back up again

Sunday brought us yet another day of steady, soaking rain, and so our planned outdoors activities were replaced with, amongst other things, a trip to the cinema with family and friends to watch the new animated film ‘Trolls’. My children fell in love with the music, with my youngest staying as long as the credits rolled to keep groovin’ along.

This week, a number of difficult work issues that had left me feeling in a fog of uncertainty over the past few weeks have all started to shift positively. After choosing to step through my self-doubt and fear into risking opening myself honestly and open-heartedly to the process that was unfolding, I find myself amazed that what felt impossible on a few weeks ago now seems an inevitable outcome of letting go and allowing things to unfold as they needed to. I sit now with a heart full of deep gratitude as I continue to grow my belief in the power of vulnerability, the immeasurable joy of supportive networks, and a renewed confidence in my capacity to ride out the storms and find my sea-legs in new waters, with new and unexplored horizons ahead.

‘Trolls’, it turns out, has provided the perfect soundtrack for my month with this delightful little tune, “Get Back Up Again”.


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