Daily Gratitude

Today I am grateful for…

joyTrusting my impulse to pick up ‘The Book of Joy’ on my way into the airport, inviting more introspection and joy into my life!

Making the conscious choice to breathe and slow down rather than getting stressed about logistical travel challenges.


Soaking in the view.

Fresh carrot and ginger juice, soothing my sore throat.

Carving out some reflection time for myself.

Being able to help make someone else’s difficult situation easier.

Connecting with a colleague from a fellow NGO and having frank and fruitful conversations.

Seeing my sister, and feeling so grateful for a loving family and siblings who are also friends.

Having an emerging connected friendship group, rather than only separate individual friendships, for the first time since leaving London.

Indulging in pure delight at the magic of Christmas, and excited anticipation of decorating our living Yellowwood Christmas tree this weekend!

Foot-tapping music to accompany my Chai Frio.

Post-storm sunset skies.

The joy of being homeward bound.


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