Daily Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for…

Remembering that however low I feel I am getting knocked down, I’m being given another chance to learn, grow, struggle, and rise up just a little stronger than before.

Noticing my reactivity and giving myself space to express it, finding it lift slightly just through the expression.

Reminding myself that all seasons, not matter how beautiful or challenging, inevitably give way to the next, whether we wish them to or not. Sometimes, all we can do is breathe our way through the change.

Autumn leaf

Setting up support networks in safe spaces, which provide me with the security and perspective to move towards letting go of expecting support from those who are unable or unwilling to provide the kind of support I feel I need right now, or for whom it is currently inappropriate to do so.

The glorious, completely loving hugs of a seven-year-old.

Finding ways through inertia by diving into constructive action rather than giving in to the temptations of lethargy and distraction.

Moving forward, one foot in front of the other, however slow, hesitant and meandering my progress.


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