Daily Gratitude

Today I’m grateful for….

Flying homewards through the tips of the clouds, enjoying the erratic dips and rises as we manoeuvre through turbulence.


The joy of have so many opportunities to meet interesting new souls, and having the chance to see the world – however briefly – from so many different perspectives.

The satisfaction of working through difficult processes that sometimes feel stuck and unsolvable, to find a way forward that unlocks new possibilities and incorporates as many viewpoints as possible.


Perfectly-fitting, comfortable new running shoes as companions for many adventures to come.

Laughter and comradery with a group of powerful, passionate women.

Having others place their clear and confident trust in me to lead the way forward, and feeling ready, willing and able to do so.

The exhaustion of two days of intensive work seeping right through me, feeling deeply satisfied with all we achieved and eagerly anticipating slipping into deep, satisfying sleep in just a few short hours.


2 thoughts on “Daily Gratitude

    1. Absolutely; thanks Peter! I hope you’re well 🙂 I still love reading your stories each time they come into my inbox; even thought I’m not often on your actual blog often any more, please know I am appreciating them 🙂

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