Today I’m grateful for…

Camaraderie and support, which sometimes take us further than we can manage alone.

Watching the sunrise from the road, sharing the moment with hundreds of other runners who are awake to the joy of just being alive, in that moment.


Remembering to give someone the benefit of the doubt, and ask for clarity rather than staying stuck in my own judgement and conclusions.

New learning and perspectives that challenge me to reflect, and be increasingly brave:


Belonging is the innate human desire to be part of something larger than us. Because this yearning is so primal, we often try to acquire it by fitting in and by seeking approval, which are not only hollow substitutes for belonging, but often barriers to it. Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.

Being ourselves means sometimes having to find the courage to stand alone, totally alone. Once we belong thoroughly to ourselves and believe thoroughly in ourselves, true belonging is ours. Belonging to ourselves means being called to stand alone – to brave the wilderness of uncertainty, vulnerability, and criticism.

Choosing to be kind, as often as possible.

Asking clearly for the support I need, rather than hoping others will know what they can do to help.

Being more mindful when observing how some of my emotional patterns and habits play out, and, by choosing to stay curious and notice some of what’s happening beneath the surface, making some different, positive choices.

The simple healing and happiness of sunshine.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. That’s a powerful list. I particularly like the line, “our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” Thank you for posting. 🙂

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